Dust & Grooves in the Press


“[Eilon Paz’s] lavishly illustrated coffee-table book contains portraits of some 130 ‘record diggers,’ as he sometimes calls them, who have often gravitated to genres as obscure as Turkish psychedelia, ‘Sesame Street’ albums, lounge acts, sexploitation and horror film soundtracks, ’60s girl groups from France and Japan, and even colored discs … visceral and joyous.”


For his cult Dust & Grooves website, Eilon Paz photographs vinyl obsessives alongside their extensive collections. The resulting pictures and interviews, now published in print, reveal a highly personal and passionate take on music culture.


“Eilon Paz spent nearly six years photographing record collectors, starting in New York’s East Village at the store Tropicalia in Furs before moving onto the private rooms where collections are kept in all manner of order and chaos … Some of the more fascinating photographs show the enormity of a collection but also feel extremely intimate.”


“Paz’ website Dust & Grooves began as a labor of love but has become a worldwide phenomenon. Paz has gained access to the personal troves of well-known collectors from all over the globe, showcasing each collector as well as his or her collections.”


“[Paz] peers into the peculiar private lives and passions of these collectors. He took this inspiration, packed a suitcase, and ventured around the world to document the lives of music lovers—hopefully illustrating how music moves throughout humanity. He photographed record dealers in West Africa to various hip-hop producers’ collection in Japan. Seriously. Dude went everywhere.”


“[Paz] peppered Mr. Portnoy with questions about records and asked for personal stories that connected him to his collection. [He] acted at times like a fellow record enthusiast and at other times like a psychoanalyst.”

“Each collection is a reflection of its owner—the cherished result of, as one DJ puts it in the book, the ‘self-inflicted pleasurable pain’ of ‘a senseless and punishing neurosis.’”


“While the book might be of special interest to music lovers (and especially vinyl lovers), almost any reader will find something to appreciate in the passion of collectors and the beauty of Paz’s images.”


“Beautiful and engrossing … These personal bits are what elevate the book beyond just a luxurious piece of phonographic pornography (though it works on that level too). Any collector’s horde is a window to their past. While browsing our own bins, we can remember where we were when we bought each record, who we were with, which songs are married to which specific emotions.”


“Paz’s beautiful coffee table book … features 250 staggeringly pretty full-page photos of record store collectors across the world.”