Mix – Pat. James Longo – Extra Funky Xmas Soul Mix

Evening Folks!! Xmas is here, so allow me to indulge you with a playlist from one of my favorite vinyl collectors ever. Pat.James Longo!!
Hello Y’all! Christmas music has always been very special to me. I love themed music. I collect music in themes, not obsessively, it’s not like I would pass up one record because it didn’t fit the theme I was currently collecting but when I am looking for something in a particular theme I do get pretty focused. Unfortunately there is always some theme that is top of mind unnecessarily stealing brain power from more important things. I have been collecting certain themes for as long as I can remember like, food and drinking songs, animal songs, versions of Summertime, Batman records, car songs, train songs and of course songs featuring the drummer and especially the ones where the drummer is called out, “GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME!” For a few years I sought nothing but acoustic music by people you wouldn’t necessarily think of when you think of acoustic music. (By-the-way, Johnny Thunders has some of the best.) From what I can tell, this Christmas holiday is pretty popular and because of that, the music is usually a lot easier to find than the other genres. Not only is Christmas music fun but there are as many types of Christmas songs as there are styles and genres of music. There are Jazz, Blues, R&B; / Soul / Funk, Rock, Punk, Latin, Jamaican, Comedy, Novelty, Country, Classical, etc, etc. The genres are endless that have been touched by Santa. Have you been touched by Santa? Show us on this dolly where Santa touched you….Last year Eilon asked me to contribute to his Dust and Grooves Christmas Mix and I jumped at the opportunity. I sent him about ten songs and he used three; “The Hippie Santa Claus” by Babs Gonzales, “Santa Came Home Drunk” by Clyde Lasley, and “Funky Funky Christmas” by Electric Jungle. It was a really great Christmas Mixed Tape and can still be found here. This year Eilon asked me to do the whole damn Yule log myself! It was extremely difficult to decide what songs to toss down your chimney but with the amount of great music left over it looks like I’ll be back to stuff your stockings and trim your big green bush again for years to come. So please, sit back in your favorite easy chair, put your feet in the fire, load up the veins with some delicious Egg Clog and enjoy this Soulful Christmas mix. Remember, Christmas comes but once a year. VINYL RULES!- pat. a.k.a. Primitive Sound System

Pat. James Longo a.k.a. Primitive Sound System can be found the first Thursday of every month smashing one genre into another at D.C.’s Tavern in Hoboken, New Jersey. When not entertaining the bar stools he can be found either spinning records between drawing pictures in his studio or banging the life out of his drums.

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Lloyd Glenn – “Sleigh Ride” (Hollywood)
Jimmy Reed – “Christmas Present Blues” (RRG)
James Brown – “Soulful Christmas” (King)
The Harvey Averne Band – “Let’s Get It Together This Christmas” (Fania)
Donny Hathaway – “This Christmas” (Atco)
The Emotions featuring Ronnie Williams on Organ – “Black Christmas” (Volt)
Bill Cosby – “Merry Christmas Baby” (Capitol)
Don Paterson – “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” (Prestige)
Lou Rawls – “Good Time Christmas” (Capitol)
Funk Machine – “Soul Santa – Part II” (Creative Funk)
Rocki Lane and the Gross Group – “Santa Soul” (Epic/White Label Promo)
Zebra – “Christmas Morning” (Blue Thumb)
Ramsey Lewis Trio – “Jingle Bells” (Cadet)
The Peanuts – “Charlie Brown Christmas”

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