Mix – Raj (Soul Strut) – New Road Trip Mixtape

Rare Grooves by Raj (Soul Strut) for Dust & Grooves by Dust & Grooves on Mixcloud

One of our first visits on the road trip was to Rick Smith, also known as Raj, the founder of Soul Strut. He was quick enough to make us a mixtape from the records we photographed at his place, and since, it became a favorite on our car stereo. Here is a preview of the photos from the future features, and a FULL mixtape. Enjoy!


Demon Fuzz – “Past, Present, and Future”
The Silhouettes – “Fonky First”
Lee Michaels – “Tell Me How Do You Feel”
Can – “Vitamin C”
Pierre Henry – “Jericho Jerk”
Barbara and Ernie – “For You”
Eugene McDaniels – “Lovin’ Man”
The Meters – “Pungee”
Joann Garrett – “It’s No Secret”
Baby Huey – “Hard Times”
Leroy Hutson – “Let’s Be Lonely Together”
Lillian Hale – “Don’t Boom Boom”
The Rhythm Record – “The Hard Rock”
Blowfly – “Butterfly Theme”
Ramp – “American Promise”
Starvue – “Love Affair”
Radiance (feat. Prize) – “This Is a Party”
Don Blackman – “Holding You, Loving You”
Syl Johnson – “I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Freedom”
Skull Snaps – “Having You Around”

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  1. Track List:

    Demon Fuzz – Past Present And Future
    The Silhouettes – Fonky First
    Lee Michaels – Tell me How Do You Feel
    Can – Vitamin C
    Pierre Henry – Jericho Jerk
    Barbara and Ernie – For You
    Eugene McDaniels – Lovin’ Man
    The Meters – Pungee
    Joann Garrett – It’s No Secret
    Baby Huey – Hard Times
    Leroy Hutson – Let’s Be Lonely Together
    Lillian Hale – Don’t Boom Boom
    The Rhythm Record – The Hard Rock
    Blowfly – Butterfly Theme
    RAMP – American Promise
    Starvue – Love Affair
    Radiänce (Featuring “Prize”) – This Is A Party
    Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You
    Syl Johson – I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Freedom
    Skull Snaps – Having You Around

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