Mix – Ruben Molina – Southern Soul Spinners

Ruben Molina, a vinyl collector from Los Angeles, California, part of the Southern Soul Spinners, with a vinyl only mix of Sweet Soul and Chicano Soul. Read the full interview here.


Little Hank – “Try to Understand”
Webs – “It’s So Hard to Break a Habit”
Mandells – “Think Back”
Little Hellen – “Since You’ve Been Gone”
Passionettes – “My Life Depends on You”
Dimas III – You’ve Succeeded”
Doc & Sal – “Cry & Wonder Why”
Disciples of Soul – “Peek a Boo”
Frankie Karl & Dreams – “Don’t Be Afraid”
Dream Team – “There He Is”
Sunday – “Where Did He Come From”
James Wayne & Soul Soothers – “My Last Letter”
Reggie Soul & Soul Swingers – “My World of Ecstasy”
Kickin Mustangs – “Take a Miracle”
Royal Chessman – “Beggin’ You”

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  1. Ken Hargrave

    I really must love his mix….I’ve only listened to it eight times. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us. Peace.

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