Vinyl record fair – Amsterdam style with Alex Figueira


Just came back from a visit to a small record fair in Amsterdam, where I met Alex Figueira, a collector and vinyl dealer, who together with Edo Bouman, runs a nice little record shop at the heart of the red light district in Amsterdam called Vintage Voudou.

At the end of the fair, I saw him packing up his records into a huge moving tricycle, and I thought it was just awesome.

Alex, on the other hand, thought it was hard work!

Here are some shots while we both biked back to his shop.

Dust_and_Grooves_7900 Dust_and_Grooves_7912 Dust_and_Grooves_7928 Dust_and_Grooves_7936 Dust_and_Grooves_7949 Dust_and_Grooves_7983 Dust_and_Grooves_7989 Dust_and_Grooves_7993

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  1. dolf

    volgende keer mag je me auto wel gebruiken, tegen een bezoekje aan de buurvrouw…..
    next time use my car, for a visi to your neighbour lady….paid that is.

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