The Dust & Grooves Road Trip – Coming this fall

This fall, Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves will embark on a two-month, 11,000-mile, Americana journey to document vinyl collector all across the US.

We are looking for interesting collectors all over the US. If you are one, or you know a friend who is, please send us a message, and we might stop by and take some photos and interview you for the upcoming book from Dust & Grooves.
Keep Diggin!!!

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  1. Brian

    I have just begun digging and one of the great things that I have found are those collectors who also sell out of their homes. I was wondering if you are going to visit document any of these people who open up their homes, but mostly garages to sell us their overflowing vinyl.

      1. Sherry Wingfield

        I am wondering what date you are coming through Oklahoma?? I have inherited a wonderful collection..including rare Andy Williams.. Frank Sinatra and several dozen awesome collectors albums! I am looking at possibly selling some of the older mint condition albums.. Let me know if by email if you would like a list or interested in seeing them !! Sherry

  2. JazzPotato

    Hi there! I’m an avid collector, but my collection is inherited (mostly from) family members, and one great jazz guru who recently passed. I have one great friend in particular, however — a dj from San Jose who you may take interest in visiting. Hit me up if you are interested, and are planning on coming through the Bay Area, CA. Good luck in your search, I appreciate your efforts.


  3. Lou

    You should come down to South Florida, Miami/Ft Lauderdale area…I’ve got a few great spots that not many people know about that I can show you

  4. I have a small but esoteric collection in Medford OR just north of the Cal border. About 8000 i’d say and full of good music.
    Dont do much digging, i buy more new vinyl and interesting stuff i find.
    3 turntables set-up in my modest 1100 sq. ft. house and most of my oldest collection in our third bedroom.
    Wife is cool with it, let me put a turntable BACK in the living room.
    My CDs are also totally out of control, my friends think i’m nuts!
    Have record stashes at every turntable. Took a turntable into work, but i was the only one who would play the records.
    Smart Phone Ninnies!!! Ok i got one a dem too…

  5. Hi Eilon. When you’re criss-crossing America, don’t forget to stop by the center of it all and visit us at Acoustic Sounds and Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kansas. (We’re at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 135) Our founder and owner Chad Kassem is a life-long vinyl collector who founded his business buying and selling vintage LPs. From that he started a reissue label, Analogue Productions, and a little more than a year ago we opened Quality Record Pressings. QRP is now recognized as a world-class record pressing plant, equal to if not surpassing RTI (Record Technology Inc.) in California, and the Pallas Group, in Germany. Chad’s vinyl collection now numbers about 20,000 LPs, including various rare issues, box sets and test pressings. We’d be happy to have you visit and show you around. Stop by!

  6. Hi Eilon. One more thing, if you’re leaving in September on your two-month trip, you might try timing your visit to us here at Acoustic Sounds to coincide with our annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads weekend. Blues Masters at the Crossroads is an annual two-night blues festival in October put on by us that draws audiences (seating for 450 each night) from around the nation and a host of foreign countries. We draw the best historical Blues talent from the Delta and Southern U.S., Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and points in between. It all goes down in an 88-year-old Gothic-style church sanctuary with perfect acoustics — our own Blue Heaven Studios. This year’s concert is Oct. 19-20. Read more at

  7. Solomon Grundy

    I’m a DJ from California now living in Atlanta. I have about seven thousand pieces. Mostly Hip Hop and then Jazz and Soul music. I see you are stopping in Atlanta figured you could take some time to take a look.

  8. Doug

    Just an ordinary collector with about 3000 albums, mostly picked up at thrift stores. would love to share with you if you are through virginia’s northern neck
    (land between Rappahannock River and Potomac River along the Chesepeake Bay)
    Safe travels !

    1. DavyJ

      I am from Fairfax Va been collecting vinyl since i was 16 i have roughly about 5000 records in my room, probably my most prized record out of my collection is the Beatles debut album “Please Please me” on the infamous Black and Gold Label, i really enjoy checking out your website and see what other collectors have in their collection, keep up the good work! Peace

  9. Kris H.

    I suspect you’ve travelled through Pennsylvania. If not, I live in Allentown (yes, the Allentown of Billy Joel’s “Allentown”) and I had to add on to my house just to house my 3,000+ LPs and 1,000 CDs. If you’d like some preview photos, I’m willing to send them to you. This is a great site! I’m glad I found it!

  10. Steve A

    You should def check out What a Crock Records in schuylkill haven PA. You can say its a store since everything is for sale, but its hidden, and no sign. I was there yesterday and an hour went by and I didnt even check out one percent of the store. It would take you years to go through the vinyl. Theres a lil bedroom in there too….which is also full of records. Its def a site to see.

  11. Christine

    I’m so jealous of anybody who is able to have the time & resources to go on adventure like this! Did you just finance the trip yourself? I would of been happy to be your chauffeur for free just to be able to ride along! You are almost like a modern Alan Lomax, except that you’re looking for recordings instead of the artists themselves.

    I guess the trip is over by now, but here is a link to Jason Rosenberg & his website of wonderful old classic gospel recordings. I know he must have a ton of records!

    Hit me up next road trip if you’re looking for a chauffeur or roadie! 🙂

  12. Dave

    Started record collecting at the age of 4. The first record that blew my mind was “Lonely Teardrops” by Jackie Wilson. I could be classified as a record hoarder. My last estimated count was in the tens of thousands. They’re scattered everywhere. I keep saying I’ll get them organized and never do. I have a bedroom I can’t enter. I’m starting to pile them in the hallway. I’m not going to stop, no matter what they try to do to me. LOL! I like Seeburg jukeboxes, Empire turntables, Pickering cartridges, tube amplifiers and Altec speakers.

  13. When you’re in the neighbourhood of Detroit and Erie, you really should cross over into Canada and head to London, ON. There’s quite a vinyl culture here that is centred around two amazing record stores – Grooves Records and Speed City. Both owners of each place would be great to feature.

  14. Eliel

    Hope you come to Chicago. I can show my collection and we can go to some obscure digging spots that I frequent. I would love to be a part of this. Long live vinyl!!!!

    1. Blair


      You willing to share any of those digging spots with a Canadian that’s visiting Chicago in May? Your secret would be safe with me!!! Not many places to dig in Saskatoon, where I am from. Need records, will travel! 🙂

  15. John Vanco

    Sorry that I just picked up on this now, when you were actually here last summer in Erie, PA !!! If you come back, let me know. I have lots of vinyl, even more shellac.

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