Some Turkish Psych flavor in Istanbul

I just got back from a job in Istanbul Turkey, which of course led to another hunt for vinyl junkies.

I wasn’t surprise to discover a entire world of psychedelic Turkish music, Jazz, Funk and some Arabesque (that’s the one that will make you cry even if you just won the lottery).
here is a small taste: will conclude my Turkish experience with…. mustache, cigarettes, Baglamar, and more mustache..

Benji, she’s the owner of this lovely record and book shop in Taxsim, Istanbul, introduced me into some funky Turkish tracks that made me wanna grow a mustache myself.
Thanks for that 😉
with great help of some turkish record dealers (thank you Benji and Gokhan) I got in touch with Mustafa, who is a devoted vinyl collector of Psych, Classical and Turkish Rock music.

Also Thanks to Emekcan, from the Asian part of Istanbul, who let me into his house, and showed me his collection.

and of course, my friends from Istanbul, Aytac and Cagil, who devoted their time and energy, translated and wrote the text for the upcoming posts, and basically made this thing possible.
more details in the near future,
keep digging

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  1. Hy Eilon,

    thie is Rui from Portugal.
    Actualy i'm writing from Brasil now. I'm moving here to work for tne next couple of years and your blog is one of my "confort zones".
    I'm feeliing like an emigrant now so i keep coming back to the things that make me feel home.
    And your blog is one of them – allaws cheking the feeds…
    Hoping to see more of this one.
    I'm planning to make a blog of my stay here in brasil, vinyl themed, so i'll keep you posted.
    Take care.

  2. I'm in the midle of the polititians and burocrats of Brasilia – not the fuzz of São Paulo nor the coolness of Rio (though i frequently have do drop by there).
    Still getting to know the corners of the city…
    Any help you need, let me know.
    Keep me posted about your trip.
    Take care,

    1. jonkim

      hey, i’m coming to istanbul. id love some advice on record shops and dealers for turkish records! any way i can contact your email?

  3. Anonymous

    do you know the address of this shop?do you know any other shops with vinyl in Istanbul ?
    thanks a lot for your help….

  4. Hi, We're off to Istanbul next week, and Iain is forever wanting to track down jazz on vinyl (preferably second-hand). Can you give us the name and address of Benji's shop, and any others you are prepared to share?

    Many thanks, Wendy and Iain.

  5. Oh my that's a huge colletion, I just have some of those big black disc that I purchase them from internet, then I buy a modern player for them and the sound have no comparison, they sounds 100% better than the new one's.

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  7. El Crab

    That Gerrard turntable is beautiful. I love it. Every time I see an old sturdy turntable I feel a little bit of resentment toward my modern, plastic turntable with it’s wobbly platter. I wish I could find an old grimy one that still worked.

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