The Dust & Grooves Photo Booth at The WFMU Record Fair, NYC 2010


This one is a lil different.
This one is a special photo booth installation that took place at the WFMU’s Record & CD Fairin NYC 2010.
I wanted to use this year’s record fair as an opportunity to catch vinyl collectors in their natural habitat, crate digging, using a photo booth-style set up to take portraits of everyday collectors in realtime, right after that authentic moment when they make a successful purchase. Instead of chasing well known individuals, this was a chance to capture collectors in a critical mass.

The result is right here. I hope it will give you a glimpse of that special group of people, call them Romanticists, Audiophiles, Music Nerds, Diggers.

For me, I see a beautiful bunch of people, who love music and are willing to go the extra few miles to connect to it. For them, music has a physical form. It’s round, black, with big artwork and printed lyrics and a list of musicians. It’s not a file, you can’t duplicate it and you sure can’t erase it. for them, music is forever!

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