Celebrate the release and learn a bit of the story behind this truly historical compilation by Joel Oliveira

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas

“Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas”, a new compilation of Brazilian Psych Rock & Funk is out and it’s just too good not to be mentioned here.

During the year long of me documenting vinyl collectors, there was one person who kept coming back into my mind, reminding me why I’m doing this and bringing joy to my work.

Joel Oliveira, the guy and the afro behind the coolest and friendliest music shop in NYC, Tropicalia in Furs, located in the east village.


I remember when I just arrived to NY and wanted to start my project on vinyl collectors, Joel (together with Frank Gossner from Voodoofunk) was the first person to really back me up on this and allow me to photograph his collection. but more than that, he gave me endless moral support and good vibes, in a city where personal interests, capitalism and hidden agendas rule.

Perhaps it’s his personal history as an immigrant in this country, or just his love to music and all that surrounds it.

I visited the shop quite a few times (not enough really), and I was always greeted with good vibes, smiles, a beer or just a dorky conversation about music.
I got the chance to meet a few interesting characters in the digging scene.


Steve D’Amore is getting some balance to his perception of the world. now it’s all clear.

and see a live show that sent me to the beaches of Bahia, in the midst of the notorious NYC winter.

Recently I also had the chance to meet Margaret, Joel’s right hand who makes things work in this little colorful operation. I photographed her in her small flat in Bushwick with her excellent collection of Prog Rock and Psych. (Coming soon on the blog).


Margaret, an infinite smile with infinite dorky music knowledge ;-))


Joel viewing the compilation’s artwork for the first time in 3D.

and he also collects cool shades. Joel & Me

one of my first visits to the shop in 2008


so, this is just a small shout out to my friends in Tropicalia, who recently released the first compilation of Brazilian Psych Rock and Funk. It’s an amazing piece of art, a double vinyl with 16 killer obscure tracks from Brazil. it comes with a huge in depth booklet and….. 3D glasses!!

here is a short sample from the compilation.


Go and support Tropicalia and purchase the vinyl at the shop. it is also available in CD format.

Tropicalia in Furs 304 East 5th St. New York, NY 10079. (212) 982-3251

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  1. Hi Elion,

    Question – is the stones throw version different from the one in the store? The cover looks to be different. I'm guessing the ST one is a licensed second pressing or something?

  2. Anonymous

    "steve d'amore is actually stinky steve, legendary record dealer and notorious scoff-law(wanted in pa.!)>"

    He's also a pedohile!

  3. the collectio look so cool, well maybe I'm not a great expert in this kind of music, but if Brazil is the country, Sepultura is the group, my favorite song is Ratamahatta feacturing Pavarotti.

  4. I love the Brazilian music, I really like it, when I was in the University I had a fried from Brazil, he played so crazy music , what beautiful times!22dd

  5. Fernando Guedes

    Well i saw a copy of Roberto Carlos – ”Calhambeque” Paper 7” inch. it’s a very good Record, and a Ronnie von ”Number 2” Record, and the most rare it’s the ”Os Baobás”. this is rare in brazil too!!

    Salute From brazil

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