Dust & Grooves - European Tour Mixtape

Mix – D&G European Tour Mixtape

To accompany our European book launch tour, we asked all of our European collectors that are featured in the Dust & Grooves book to submit a single track for a very special mix tape.

Collectors and DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Keb Darge, Phillipe Cohen Solal, Sam Shepard (Floating Points), Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy, Markey Funk, Eyal Rob, Mr. Scruff, Victor Kiswell, Strictly Kev (Dj Food), Sheila B., Edo Bauman, Dom Servini, and more help make up this eclectic, one of a kind mix to commemorate the tour.

Take a journey through global sounds as we bring the collectors and their records of #vinylbook live throughout Europe.
Enjoy this mix and Keep Diggin’!

Come join us on our European book launch parties throughout May.


Tamuz – “Holech Batel” (Eilon Paz)
Banda los Hijos de la Nina Luz – “Déjala Corre” (Victor Kiswell)
Ilaiyaraaja – “D.I.S.C.O.” (Edo Bauman)
Ricardo Marrero & The Group – “Babalonia” (Kid Dyno)
Domingo Cura – “Mincura” (Phillipe Cohen Solal)
Milton Nascimiento – “Cravo e Canela” (Gilles Peterson)
The Soulthrobs – “Little Girl” (Paulo Goncalves)
Bob Brault Organisation – “Bilboquet” (Thomas Pasquet)
Tune-Yards – “Water Fountain” (Strctly Kev)
Bernadette – “L’Oeil” (Sheila B)
Jonny Powers – “Long Blonde Hair” (Keb Darge)
Maggie Thrett – “Soupy” (Ollie Teeba)
Shmulik Kraus – “Shishi Ham” (Eyal Rob)
Pniky Records – “1” (Johnny Trunk)
Leon Thomas – “Shape Your Mind to Die” (Dom Servini)
Karma – “Depois no Portato” (Sam Shepard)
Rudolf Dasek – “Return” (Markey Funk)
Sun Ra – “The Others in Their Worlds” (Manu Boubli)
Joni Mitchell – “Carey” (Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy)
Yusef Lateef – “Love Theme from Spartacus” (Phil Perfect)
Sun Ra – “Make Another Mistake” (Mr. Scruff)


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  1. Yvan

    Is there more information available on Pniky Records “1”. That is on the tracklist? The usual suspects on the internet have no further information… Any help is much appreciated!

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