Jonathan Toubin,

A while back, I paid a visit to Jonathan Toubin, a remarkable DJ and well know Brooklyn figure. Together with his friend Nicholas Gazin, we made a photo session for Dust & Grooves. About 4 months ago, Jonathan was severely injured in a freaky accident, where a taxi ran him over while sleeping in his hotel room.

Today, I read an article about him in the NY Times. A ZZ Top album was mentioned. “He finally came out of the drug-induced sleep in early January and asked friends at his bedside to put one of his favorite ZZ Top records on a turntable they had brought into the intensive care unit to cheer him up.”

I looked at my archives, and here are these two photos of Jonathan with a ZZ Top 7 inch of “Salt Lick”.

Jonathan! you’re amazing! I wish you a full recovery and keep doing what you do best, delivering us the best music on the best format.

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