Mix – Sheila Burgel – Girl Pop Grooves!

Sheila Burgel – A vinyl record collector from Brooklyn, NY, specializes in girl pop groups. photographed at her home in Brooklyn for Dust & Grooves, a vinyl photo site. Read her interviewhere.


Jun Mayuzumi – “Black Room”
Yvonne Carroll – “Mister Loveman”
Brunetta – “Baluba Shake”
The Three Degrees – “Collage”
Barbara Lynn – “I Don’t Want a Playboy”
Twinkle – “Terry”
France Gall – “Laisser Tomber Les Filles”
Le Voci Blu – “Sitar”
The Bronzettes – “Hot Spot”
Reiko Ohara – “Peacock Baby”
Sue Lynne – “Don’t Pity Me”
The Cookies – “I Never Dreamed”
Katsuko Kanai – “Mini Mini Girl
Bonny St. Clare – “Tame Me Tiger”
The Shangri-La’s – “Never Again”
Jeanette – “Porque Te Vas”
Pinky Chicks – “Yopparatta Ojousan”

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